This could piss some people off…for real!

So, I know that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for a new baby, and I have nothing against it. I breastfed my son for a few months. The thing is, I NEVER breastfed him in public. I had a pump for that. Not only would it make me feel uncomfortable, but I would not want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable by me pulling my boob out and feeding my kid!

That being said, the other day I was at Braeden’s school for his Christmas party. Everyone was having a great (as much as could be expected for a 3rd grade party) time. Brae was handing out his Christmas candy, and I was there, camera in hand, as usual. I turn to see, what I’m guessing is, a classmates mom holding her baby with her back towards me. As she turns around all I can see is bare flesh! She had IT ALL out! This is a 3rd grade class, mind you, and this hippy-looking lady is standing there half naked in front of 30+ kids!

You can bet your ass I shot her the dirtiest look I could, although I’m sure it was more of a look of shock and what-the-hell-are-you-doing, than that of antipathy. Am I wrong, or do they not make all kinds of materials that are used to cover up in the instances that you would need to feed your child!? Hell, even a baby blanket would work! This is something you should be prepared for if you plan on breastfeeding.

I know that there is a lot of media attention right now with the incident in Texas, I believe, which I think is completely ridiculous on Targets part for asking this woman to leave, if she wasn’t exposed, and also on the part of all the breastfeeding mothers who showed up for the “nurse-in”.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts and, more or less, blow off steam.


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